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16.2. Debian の未来

In addition to these internal developments, one can reasonably expect new Debian-based distributions to come to light, as many tools keep simplifying this task. New specialized subprojects will also be started, in order to widen Debian's reach to new horizons.
Debian ユーザコミュニティの規模は拡大し、新しい貢献者が Debian プロジェクトに参加するでしょう。そしてその貢献者とはあなたかもしれません!
There are recurring discussions about how the software ecosystem is evolving, towards applications shipped within containers, where Debian packages have no added value, or with language-specific package managers (e.g. pip for Python, npm for JavaScript, etc.), which are rendering dpkg and apt obsolete. Facing those threats, I am convinced that Debian developers will find ways to embrace those changes and to continue to provide value to users.
Debian は高齢で相当な大きさにも関わらず、Debian はあらゆる (しばしば予想外の) 方面に成長し続けています。貢献者はアイディアに満ちており、言い争いになる場合もありますが、開発メーリングリスト上の議論は勢いを増し続けています。Debian はしばしばブラックホールと比較されます。Debian の密度は新しいフリーソフトウェアプロジェクトにとって魅力的なものです。
Beyond the apparent satisfaction of most Debian users, a deep trend is becoming more and more indisputable: people (and companies!) are increasingly realizing that collaborating, rather than working alone in their corner, leads to better results for everyone. The number of commercial companies relying on Debian is larger every year.
ゆえに Debian プロジェクトは絶滅の危機に脅かされることはありません。