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13.6. Development

13.6.1. Tools for GTK+ on GNOME

Anjuta (in the anjuta package) is a development environment optimized for creating GTK+ applications for GNOME. Glade (in the glade package) is an application designed to create GTK+ graphical interfaces for GNOME and save them in an XML file. These XML files can then be loaded by the libglade shared library, which can dynamically recreate the saved interfaces; such a feature can be interesting, for instance for plugins that require dialogs.
The scope of Anjuta is to combine, in a modular way, all the features one would expect from an integrated development environment.

13.6.2. Tools for Qt on KDE

The equivalent applications for KDE are KDevelop (in the kdevelop package) for the development environment, and Qt Designer (in the qt4-designer package) for the design of graphical interfaces for Qt applications on KDE.
The next versions of these applications should be better integrated together, thanks to the KParts component system.