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9.12. Power Management: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

The topic of power management is often problematic. Indeed, properly suspending the computer requires that all the computer's device drivers know how to put them to standby, and that they properly reconfigure the devices upon waking. Unfortunately, there are still a few devices unable to sleep well under Linux, because their manufacturers have not provided the required specifications.
Linux supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) — the most recent standard in power management. The acpid package provides a daemon that looks for power management related events (switching between AC and battery power on a laptop, etc.) and that can execute various commands in response.
在介绍了这么多Unix 系统上通用的基本服务之后,接下来关注管理机器的运行环境:网络。许多服务都需要网络的支持。这些会在下一章讨论。