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13.5. 网页浏览器

Epiphany 是GNOME 套装中的网页浏览器,使用 WebKit 显示引擎,该引擎是 Apple 为Safari 浏览器开发的。相关的软件包是 epiphany-browser
Konqueror 是KDE 文件管理器,也是网络浏览器。使用 KHTML 渲染引擎;KHTML 是一个很好的引擎, Apple的 WebKit 就是基于 KHTML。Konqueror 在 konqueror 软件包中。
如果对以上两者都不满意的话可以使用Iceweasel。该浏览器在 iceweasel 软件包中,使用 Mozilla Gecko 渲染,带有可扩展轻量接口。
Iceweasel 网络浏览器

图 13.7. Iceweasel 网络浏览器

Last but not least, Debian also contains the Chromium web browser (available in the chromium-browser package). This browser is developed by Google at such a fast pace that maintaining a single version of it across the whole lifespan of Debian Jessie is unlikely to be possible. Its clear purpose is to make web services more attractive, both by optimizing the browser for performance and by increasing the user's security. The free code that powers Chromium is also used by its proprietary version called Google Chrome.