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16.2. Debian 的未來

In addition to these internal developments, one can reasonably expect new Debian-based distributions to come to light, as many tools keep simplifying this task. New specialized subprojects will also be started, in order to widen Debian's reach to new horizons.
Debian 用戶社區將繼續新增,新的貢獻者將加入該項目…可能也包括你!
There are recurring discussions about how the software ecosystem is evolving, towards applications shipped within containers, where Debian packages have no added value, or with language-specific package managers (e.g. pip for Python, npm for JavaScript, etc.), which are rendering dpkg and apt obsolete. Facing those threats, I am convinced that Debian developers will find ways to embrace those evolutions and to continue to provide value to users.
儘管 Debian 已經很老了,體型也相當可觀,但它仍然在向各種(有時是意想不到的)方向發展。投稿人充滿了想法,開發郵寄清單上的討論,即使它們看起來像爭吵,也在不斷增加勢頭。Debian 有時被比作黑洞,其密度足以吸引任何新的自由軟體項目。
Beyond the apparent satisfaction of most Debian users, a deep trend is becoming more and more indisputable: people are increasingly realizing that collaborating, rather than working alone in their corner, leads to better results for everyone. Such is the rationale used by distributions merging into Debian by way of subprojects.
因此,Debian 項目不會受到滅絕的威脅…