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16.3. Avenir de ce livre

We would like this book to evolve in the spirit of free software. We therefore welcome contributions, remarks, suggestions, and criticism. Please direct them to Raphaël () or Roland (). For actionable feedback, feel free to open bug reports against the debian-handbook Debian package. The website will be used to gather all information relevant to its evolution, and you will find there information on how to contribute, in particular if you want to translate this book to make it available to an even larger public than today.
Nous avons essayé d'intégrer tout ce que notre expérience avec Debian nous a fait découvrir, afin que tout un chacun puisse utiliser cette distribution et en tirer le meilleur profit le plus rapidement possible. Nous espérons que ce livre contribue à la démystification et à la popularisation de Debian. N'hésitez donc pas à le recommander !
We would like to conclude on a personal note. Writing (and translating) this book took a considerable amount of time out of our usual professional activity. Since we are both freelance consultants, any new source of income grants us the freedom to spend more time improving Debian; we hope this book to be successful and to contribute to this. In the meantime, feel free to retain our services!
À bientôt !