Contribute to the project

First, thank you for being interested in contributing to the Debian Administrator’s Handbook. This book is a free, open source project driven by its original authors — Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas. As such, your contributions are greatly welcome.

Translate the book

This is certainly the best way to help. By contributing a new translation or completing/improving an existing one, you’re helping to make the book available to even more people than today.

Download the Git repository:
$ git clone git://

Now have a look at the README.translators file to learn more about the work it involves. Join the mailing list dedicated to coordination with translators, don’t hesitate to ask questions there.

The following translations have started:

Contribute fixes

If you want to fix something in the book, feel free to grab the sources and to send us a patch. To make sure that nothing is lost, send it as a bug report against the debian-handbook package (use “reportbug debian-handbook” on a Debian system).

You can also have a look at the list of open bugs and prepare patches. You can also use the package tracker to subscribe to the bug emails.

Before reporting typos, please verify if they haven’t been already fixed. You can look in the sources (ideal) or on the online copy (acceptable since it should be regularly updated).

Suggest improvements

Your feedback as reader is certainly welcome. When you have specific suggestions of improvements, feel free to send them as wishlist bug reports against the debian-handbook package.


If you don’t have the skills or the time required to contribute some work, we gladly accept donations. They allow us to spend the time required to update the book for each Debian release and to improve it with new content.

To make a donation, please use the form on the download page.