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Great book! I like how it gives package suggestions and simple instructions on how to get them working.

— Steven Demetrius

I will be installing Debian on a virtual machine to make my way through your fantastic book.

Fantastic is an understatement; Your book is a masterpiece of clarity, detail and depth, and I don’t think I will get as solid a grounding learning Linux any other way.

— Naftali Michalowsky

Thank you for this book. I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s been very useful and easily the most accessible introduction to Debian I’ve read thus far!

— Zachary Todd

Obviously, the Internet is chock full of resources for the aspiring Debian admin already, such as forums, wikis, blogs, how-tos, and more. But there’s nothing quite like the cohesiveness of a well-written book or manual to bring things together and get you proper context for things.

For instance, the manual starts off with a good summary of the Debian project’s history, philosophy, and organization; these things may seem superfluous to the busy admin just trying to configure a system, but I think they’re important context for approaching Debian with the right frame of mind.

Alan D Moore

I skimmed it through and found what I needed to know right now. There is an excellent installation manual for new Debian users!

a slashdot reader