The translation will happen, now towards the liberation!

Thanks to everybody, we managed to secure the base funding required for the translation to happen. The 15 K€ target has been reached with 380 supporters. This is really an important milestone and we’re glad to be there already.

But as initially announced, this is only the first step in this project. We really want to liberate the book and the requirement for this to happen is that the liberation fund reaches 25 K€. Out of the 15 K€ pledged so far, 8771 € have been put in the liberation fund. This means that we’re at 35% of this second target, but we’re approaching the middle of this crowdfunding campaign! So we’re a bit behind in terms of timing.

That’s why we really count on you to promote this campaign. As usual, you can share the link to your friends, blog about it, etc. But more than this, you can put some advertisement in your signature on forums, mailing lists, and so on. Here are some ready to use signatures for you:

Liberate The Debian Administrator’s Handbook:

Pre-order a copy of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook and help
liberate it:

Help liberate a Debian bestseller:

If you want, you can replace the link with one of the special links below so that a part of the money raised goes to Debian or Ubuntu. The corresponding links are and

Thank you all!


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    If we do reach the liberation goal, it would be nice if the source files of the English version are in a format supported by po4a (or something similar), so that from there we can have people translating the book in other languages.