The Debian Administrator’s Handbook is available

Cover of the Debian Administrator's HandbookWe’re pleased to announce that — after 5 months of work — the Debian Administrator’s Handbook is now available, both as a beautiful 495-page paperback and as an ebook (PDF, EPUB, MOBI formats).

The paperback’s usual price is €44.90, but we decided to make a special deal for the launch. You can get it with a 10% discount until May 18th. Hurry up and get it from

Download the ebookThe ebook is available for immediate download on the book’s website. There’s the PDF file corresponding to the printed book but also an EPUB version suitable for smartphones and ebook readers. You can also find a Mobipocket version for Kindle and other ebook readers that do not support EPUB (the open standard).

And of course, you can read it online.

Since the book is released under a set of free licenses (GPL-2+ / CC-BY-SA 3.0), it’s already available in Debian Unstable, just apt-get install debian-handbook. There’s also a git repository (git clone git:// if you want to contribute.

We hope that you will enjoy the book and we’re eagerly awaiting your feedback (but don’t expect quick replies, I’m going to take a much needed one-week vacation).


  1. Marwan Tanager says

    Free software developers… You are really awesome guys. The world is really a better place with all your efforts.
    For months I have been searching for such a book but in vain (Actually I’ve found it, but it was in french). and now, here is it’s translation in English. The fruit of the effort of a couple of genuine free software developers. Given for free, for the benefit of all those who need it. Thank you so much. it’s really appreciated.

  2. says

    I have made a .djvu file version available at
    An interesting note, the pdf file is some 26mb, the djvu is only 9mb, and if you view it in djview4, you can browse the table of contents from the sidebar, search the text, and view thumbs of the pages. (screenshot ). I always prefer djvu to pdf, and do not understand why it is not more widely adopted, especially since it is a 100% Free (faif) format, unlike pdf, which is an open standard, but a patented, proprietary format.
    Yes, I know. I’m being pedantic. I also say “Debian GNU/Linux”. 😛

    Also, If you like to use gopher, read the book at gopher:// The txt file could use some clean up in the table of contents, will do later, but remainder of book is quite readable. Looks best when viewed with an actual gopher client, as opposed to FF with overbite, elinks, or lynx, etc.

    Thank you,Raphaël and Roland for allowing me to be part of this project. I t was fun and educational.

  3. Debianero says

    To Raphaël, Roland, and anyone who has helped to liberate this book: THANK YOU!

  4. Nicolas Pettiaux says

    Thank you very much Raphael and Roland for the book, for the initiative to make it available under a free software licence, and thank you to the ommunity at large for supporting the project.
    About the translation : why not using as a service to help with the translation. They have already a lot of tools that may help ?

    • says

      I have not looked the features of but in the Debian community, people are used to using PO files to translate everything from applications to debconf screens and including most documentation… so it seems logical to go with PO files.

  5. Alex B says

    Thanks for your hard work, do you accept bitcoin donations ? I don’t use paypal or other payment methods so i would love contribute some coins after downloading the handbook.

      • Alex B says

        Ah ok, truly sorry to hear that. I would donate for your awesome work and know others that would do the same thing right now. Setting up is trivial with instawallet and would enable people without bank accounts or credit cards to give something in return. Hope you consider it in the future. Cheers

    • says

      Alex, accepting Flattr donations for this specific project would require administrative work (think “bookkeeping”) that would cost more than the few euros that we would get through it. However Flattr is ok to support individuals directly… that’s why I use Flattr on my own blog. Roland is not using Flattr though.


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