The Debian Administrator’s Handbook is available in Spanish

TranslationsThanks to the hard work of the Spanish translation team, the Debian Administrator’s Handbook is now available in Spanish. They have translated all the textual content of the book!

You can browse the Spanish book online, and download it directly from the main download page.

The book is based on Debian Squeeze as the Wheezy update is not done yet.

Join me to thank all the translators who made this possible:

  • Matías Bellone
  • Isma De Andrés Presa
  • Ricardo Mendoza
  • Iván Alemán
  • Marcos Mezo
  • Norman Garcia
  • Tzihue Cisneros Perez
  • Dario Java
  • José David Calderón Serrano
  • Roger Orellana

By the way other translations need your help to reach completion as well!


  1. Paco says

    Can´t wait to download a copy aand read it.
    Many thanks and keep up the excellent work.